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 Seagull Sunset   18x 50    $385.00

  notes: Northern Minnesota sunset

Birch Tree Gazing    40x20    $379.00

                                  50x20    $410.00

notes: Minnesota Forever Preserve near Long Lake in Park Rapids


Mary Lake    14x24    $185

 notes: Itasca State Park, MN

Lake Clouds    10x26    $137.00

                             20x52   $356.00  

notes: Long Lake, Park Rapids, MN

Crash    6x20    $95.00

            12x40   $279.00

notes: Northern Minnesota

Spring Rain   26x18    $217.00

notes: Northern Minnesota



Fishhook Lake Still   16x35    $215.00

notes: Park Rapids, MN

Trumpeter Swans    10x26    $165.00

                                       16x36    $347.00

notes: Fishhook. River runoff. Park Rapids, MN

Peace Planet    18x18    $269.00

Visual excerpt: Winterscape in Northern Minnesota

Winterscape    8x28    $128.00

notes: Winter scene in Northern Minnesota

Pine    12x8    $79.00

             24x16   $189.00

notes: Snow on rows of pine in Northern Minnesota 

Rauhreif    8x12    $81.00

notes: otherwise known as "hoar frost" after snow storm in Northern MN.  



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