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Pink    8x12    $72.00

notes: lake refleciton on upper image, Itasca State Park.

Lakescape    16x40    $310.00

notes: Laketop water shadows on Pelican Lake, Detroit Lakes, MN.

A Long Lake Sunset    14x8    $87.00

notes: Sunset in July, Park Rapids, MN


Storm Clouds    8x12    $86.00

notes: Storm approaching, Northern Minnesota.

Fall Road    12x8    72.00

notes: Itasca State Park, MN

Headwaters Still    16x24    $138.00  

notes: Headwaters, Itasaca State Park MN

Red Tree    12x8    $82.00

                      24x16   $179.00


notes: Itasca State Park,MN

Lady's Mantle    10x10    $57.00

notes: Garden dew   

Blue    12x8    $72.00

notes: Itasca State Park, MN  

Gone    12x8    $72.00

notes: abandoned cabin Northern Minnesota

Fishhook Sring    12x8    $72.00

notes: Fishhook Lake, Park Rapids, MN

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              *Shipping and handiling will vary*

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